To fail to admit that our society is in shambles is of the highest level of denial and blindness.

Denial: one of the utmost promoter of change and provoker of instability is the pressure pressing on individuals singularly, the society they form through their natural relation within themselves and the earth that supports their material needs. And so, this pressure is of a natural existence and its spectrum is wide enough to pose many turbulence and problems for social individuals. Currently, the major pressure exerted upon this society is an exterior power that succeeds repeatedly to manipulate its previously placed pawns to create mayhem and confusion in our aisles. Awareness is always present and cannot be escaped. The issue is where do we point the blaming finger. Every individual in this society which sits outside the surface of manipulation knows and feels clearly the extrinsic pressure we spoke of. They see it unfold in events which explode around them. They realize it in the economical disasters bleeding their earth. They know of it through the creation of synthetic extremism which cuts through the fabric holding this society together; but still they are in denial. How so? To know and speak of a personal social issue does not count as any kind of effort to retaliate against the powers that should not, and should never, be allowed to use our earth and our society as a battleground to promote international struggle. This struggle abounds to unethical profit for these powers. Clearly there is no internal reaction from our society to speak of. Every reaction must offer a positive output to overpower the negative action dismantling our social core. This is were we are failing. We suffice at observing, lamenting and hiding. From this we arrive at our current state of social position: denial. We continue with our lives normally as if to show sufficient courage to overcome the situation, but this is only an evolved state of adaptive denial. We reiterate that our society will hold firm and not lose, but, frankly, this survival is not due to the human aspect of social relationship, rather it is bound to the continual existence of this piece of earth which yields us and elevates us. When we eventually lose the earth, we lose the society. “I have the knowledge but will not use it: Individual and intellectual egoism. I have the power but will not employ it: Individual and corrupt egoism. I have the materials but will not implement them: Individual and selfish egoism“. So we lay there in a vegetative state, oblivious and swaying between mourning and miserable contemplation.

Blindness: as we mentioned beforehand, the exterior powers corrupting and demolishing the foundations of this society have employed a rather intelligent ploy; a ploy which has succeeded many times before and in different parts of the world. It requires certain social, institutional, political and economical factors for this strategy to sprout about in the society and gain a sort of cancerous properties, from rapid multiplication and environmental metastasis. Synthetic religious extremism. The blindness I am trying to explain is not that specific to the extremists regarding any other human and social ideologies, or even systems, because this quality is only there to promote the expansion of the destructive power of this movement. “A blind power guided by blind men gives no regards”. I guess the word extremism is self explanatory. It implies the stern grasp of individuals of certain religious creeds to the end of employing all means to shape the society, through dogmatic doctrines and punishment to all who oppose the tyrannic oppression. Extremism expresses specific qualities: the lack of healthy doubtfulness, short foresight in regards of the impact between evolutionary secular principals and their own dogmatic disciplines, and non-discrimination between the usage of violence and destructive power to implement their personal outdated regime. To return to the main aim here which is the blindness reeking havoc in our society. It is, in reality, the blindness and delusion of “moderate” religious individuals which we speak of. At first, the word “moderate” only existed as a byproduct of the emergence of extremism in religious institutions. And so, moderation is not truly a quality, but rather an inadequate tool to ward off the impact of extremism. But not the impact leaching on this society, which is the main foundation of every individual and its need, rather the impact on the religious institutions which historically postdate the emergence of social aspects between humans. Moderation is blindness for the main reason that it ruthlessly orders its individual to deny the acts of extremism, dismiss them as an aberration and not true representation of religions – or religious individuals at that. They will forget the sufferings of human beings like them and the destruction raging everywhere to protect, frankly, a regressive system that lives through dogma and fear of metaphysical aspects (When you unequivocally believe that other human beings are bound to eternal suffering and hell, doesn’t it not retract from their value as living human beings?). Thus moderation in religiosity is for the naive simple-minded individuals, who fail to go beyond their metaphysical fear to try to study and analyze the very religion they are trying to defend from extremism. How can you defend any ideology or system of principles which you do not fully grasp, and cannot interpret methodically all the meanings to be extracted from it. “Meanings and intents are not trapped in words, they are formed in the mind of man.

Any kind of change, apt to restore this society, can only emerge from true, powerful, clear and evidential acts which will impact all aspects of our regression. Let us give up “religious moderation“, and try, truthfully, as hard as it may be, to understand religions, historically, politically and morally. We need to understand the system and dissect it before trying to take a stance against or with the institution maintaining the system. Individual egoism is always partnered with social denial, because it cannot thrive when social revelations are understood and conceived.

Our salvation comes only through our self-reflection, our need for progress and our renaissance.


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